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Active Digital Signage Imagine your ad played a minimum of twice per hour for less than 50¢ per day. Contact a Sales Representative or call 888-5-YOUR-AD (888-596-8723) to learn more.
  • Summit Healthcare
    Summit Healthcare is a full service hospital dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive and convenient healthcare possible in eastern Arizona. Trusted to deliver exceptional healthcare in the White Mountain Region.
  • La Canasta
    La Canasta has been making Arizona's best tasting tortillas since 1962. The word "La Canasta" in Spanish means "THE BASKET." It is our family tradition to serve fresh tortillas in a basket for our meals. Since 1962, La Canasta has provided many BASKETS of Tortillas and Tortilla Chips to food service establishments in Arizona and nationally.
  • Active Digital Signage
    We at Active Digital Signage know that you have many advertising options, and we want to make you aware of our low cost, high quality, "TV Ads", that are seen in local businesses. Call now to set up an informational meeting. Our ad packages run as low as $108 per month. We promise no high pressure as our product sells itself.
  • Post
    Jackson's All American Jackson's has been a local sports hangout for over 30 years, striving to bring each customer the best in casual dining and sports entertainment. To visit Jackson's website, click the image above.
  • Post
    Hon-Dah Casino and Resort Hon-Dah (meaning "be my guest" or "Welcome") Resort-Casino and Conference Center, is located in the cool pines at an elevation of over 7000 feet, just 3 miles south of Pinetop on the beautiful White Mountain Apache Reservation. To visit Hon-Dah Casino and Resort's website, click the image above.
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    Johnstone Supply A leader in wholesale distribution to the HVAC, refrigeration and property maintenance industries. To visit Johnstone Supply's website, click the image above.
Active Digital Signage

All successful businesses have one thing in common: They reach their target audience. In order for consumers to buy your product or service, they need to know about it first. In the past, this was accomplished mostly with print media: Newspaper ads, magazine ads, direct mail, etcetera. Those methods can wind up being extremely costly while yielding poor results. With so much competition in the marketplace, it is important to get your message in front of people.

Active Digital Signage provides clients with the opportunity to move away from static forms of advertising. For pennies a day, your ad will play a minimum of twice per hour on your choice of strategically placed HDTVs. Active Digital Signage is in the process of installing hundreds of host site locations across the US with thousands more to come. Get your message where potential customers can see it for less than 50¢ a day. Call a Sales Representative now and join the digital revolution.

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