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What is an Active Digital Signage Host Site?

A host site is any business that displays an Active Digital Signage HDTV. An ideal host site is any place where customers gather and plan to spend some time. Excellent examples are lobbies, waiting rooms, restaurants, bars, bowling alleys, salons and DMVs. In fact, any place where people are forced to wait are ideal locations, whether that means in line cashing a check, outside a dentist appointment, or while having a vehicle detailed.

How does it work?

We install a 40" HDTV in your establishment in a location where your customers can see it. You advertise your business on the screen, while other businesses purchase advertising on your screen. You keep a percentage of the revenue from the paid advertisers for being a host. Best of all, you pay nothing to become a host site: We provide the hardware, software and installation. To view a list of current host sites, return to the tabs at the top.

What are the benefits of becoming a host site?

  • Your customers have something to stimulate and entertain them while they wait
  • Your lobby is free from the clutter of magazines and print marketing
  • You can advertise your own specials and promos in high-definition to your patrons
  • You earn revenue from all of the paid advertisers on your screens
  • We provide the equipment and installation is free

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